Reality Kick
Bringing the excitement of football penalties into your home
Kick the virtual football with your foot as though it was in front of you*
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Image of Reality Kick Running on an iPhone

Reality Kick

Football Penalties at Home

Bringing the excitement of football/soccer penalties into your home with Augmented Reality. Practice penalty shots within your home or outside using your feet to kick the virtual ball into the virtual goal as if it was in front of you (on newer iOS devices*) or by practising your aim by swiping the ball onscreen (available on all devices).

  • Challenge your friends using Apple Game Center
  • Choose your play style by kicking the ball with your feet or hands on newer devices* or by kicking the ball by swiping it using your finger on the screen
  • Immerse yourself in the action wherever you are; small rooms, indoors, outdoors or even on a real pitch
  • Perfect for getting some indoor exercise especially if you are not able to leave your home such as during the Coronavirus lockdown
  • Score points by shooting the ball into the goal from the greatest distance and moving around the pitch between goals
  • Compete against others to push you way up the leaderboards and gain achievements
  • Practice with an open goal or against the auto-goalie with ever increasing difficulty as the game progresses
  • More game modes coming soon.

Start by scanning a safe play area free from obstacle to form a pitch, then drop the goal in the perfect spot to maximise your score by allowing you to move around and take shots from a greater distance.

We are actively looking to improve the application and have a number of features we are looking to develop soon. We also welcome your suggestions so please do contact us using the form on our website with any suggestions of ways in which we can improve the app.

*=Kicking the ball with your feet or hands requires a newer device with an Apple A12 processor or above e.g. iPhone X, iPad Pro 2018, iPad Mini 5th generation and newer.

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